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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my car won't move?

Answer: First, check the transmission fluid level – check your owner’s manual for the proper procedure. There are other things that can cause a vehicle not to move such as brakes, linkages, axle problems, etc. If the transmission fluid level is low, you have a leak. That’s the first problem. If the level is okay, that’s another set of issues. Give us a call and we can arrange to have your car towed in for a complete diagnostic, or we can try to help you get it moving so we can arrange a free road test (see tip #2).


What if the fluid smells burned and looks bad?

Answer: All transmission fluid has an odor – it’s not that pleasant when it’s new. Transmission fluid has a red dye in it so you can tell it from other types of fluids. New fluid gets old and smells worse. The dye breaks down and changes color. Only a qualified transmission technician can condemn a transmission on fluid odor and color.


What can I do to take care of my transmission?

Answer: Regular maintenance is the key. We recommend a service every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. Good maintenance includes removing the transmission pan, inspecting whatever wear and tear is in the pan, changing the filter and installing the correct fluid. WARNING: Some shops only "flush" your transmission, which may not include the above procedure. This is essentially the same as changing your engine oil and not the filter. You wouldn’t take your car somewhere that did that, would you?